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Bubble Bombs - Bubble Shooter


Shoot and pop bubbles, collect bombs and complete levels.800+ levels with check points in every 5 levels.Create sequences of bubbles from the same color (3 bubbles or more) to burst them. Your goal is to finish all the bubbles in each level and progress the levels until game over.Once you clear a color it won't come back at the same level.
Let's see whoever of you can finish the game!
New kinds of bubbles:2-color Bubbles: Bubbles of 2 colors that makes your life easier. You can attach them 2 kinds of colors to create sequences."Rocks": Bubbles you can only burst with a bomb."Pearls": Bubbles that aren't popping You have to make them fall in order to progress the game and finish levels.
Use the cross-hairs, it helps you aim and imitates the movement of the mouse.To use it, drag your finger on the screen.